A #Review of #Suspense and #Thrilling Short Story, Bitten, by the #Author Anthony Farana

Bitten Cover


A family reads to pass the time as a storm rages outside their house. They will soon discover a coffin that will change their lives forever.
 Bitten Summary:
Four friends start their night out with plans for dinner at a restaurant before heading into an evening of dancing and drinking. Their plans soon change with the appearance of a small insect.


When I started reading this, I wondered how ended up reading a mystery but then it started to impress me. Although, the story is somewhat short at the beginning, it winds up quite nice and scary as we move forward. Bitten is a story about four friends who go out on a dinner date to enjoy their weekend and a night out at a Mexican Restaurant, unknown to them that their night would turn into something out of Spiderman movie.

It all starts with Collette being subjected to a bite by a peculiar insect and they all get interested in it for the insect is one they have never seen. As they examine him, things begin to change and their normal night turns into a spooky, scary affair. Bitten is one of the most interesting yet well written short story by Anthony Farana. I have great enjoyment reading it out and spending my time with this book.

Good Job!

About the Author:

Anthony is a walking quandary, an illicit force…full of furtive thoughts and meandering rumblings that somehow mold themselves into stories of various themes and scenarios.

Just as life does not conform to a single genre, nor does his writing. From horror to fiction, he touches upon many.

He graduated from Long Beach State University of California with a BA in English Literature where he felt reading the works of beloved, despised, troubled and/or eloquent authors would be far more influential on his own writing than much else.

He currently works a daytime job and writes on the side in hopes his mind would ease at the sound of keys typing or of a pen dancing upon paper.

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