#VBT Steal Me, Cowboy by #Author Kim Boykin #Romance






by Kim Boykin



Unbeknownst to her boyfriend, Sassy South Carolina hairstylist, Rainey Brown, is headed to Missoula, dead set on giving her minor league baseball player boyfriend of four years an ultimatum. Either put a ring on it or let her go, preferably not the latter.

When Rainey’s piece of crap car dies in the middle of Nowhere, Montana, she’s sure she’s a gonner, until gorgeous restaurateur Beck Hartnett stops to help. Beck falls hard for Rainey, and knows she would admit she’s fallen for him too, if she wasn’t too stubborn to admit it. Beck has five days before the car is repaired to steal Rainey away from a boyfriend who doesn’t deserve her. Five days before she’s gone for good.



“Oh. My. God. Adam. You’re good with this? You seem like you are.” Because I was ecstatic. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re done with baseball.” I leaned over the console and kissed him. God, I loved this man.

“I’m not done with baseball.” He had the gall to smile against my lips. “I got a job coaching in the Pioneer League in Missoula. Montana.”

“Montana?” I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut.

Just last season, the front office of the Blowfish minor league team here in Columbia had offered Adam a job as an assistant coach. Adam turned them down, said his shoulder was good and he was going to play baseball a few more years, maybe forever. Now all of a sudden, he’s going to coach in a lesser league two thousand miles away?

“Yeah, babe, I rented a house. Montana’s gorgeous, you’re going to love it, and when you come visit—.”



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Kim Boykin is a women’s fiction author with a sassy Southern streak. She is the author of The Wisdom of Hair, Steal Me, Cowboy, and Palmetto Moon (Summer 2014.) While her heart is always in South Carolina, she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, 3 dogs, and 126 rose bushes.

Kim Boykin website: http://kimboykin.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorkimboykin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorKimBoykin


Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Steal-Cowboy-Copper-Mountain-Rodeo-ebook/dp/B00HLPNH84/ref=la_B009955Q2Y_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1389721851&sr=1-2



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    Nice excerpt

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  3. Emma says:

    Steal Me, Cowboy by Kim Boykin sounds wonderful. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading her books.

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