#Guestblog Thinking like an Editor- preparing to publish your work by #Author David Evans


We are truly in an amazing time for publishing our work. I’m in my 70’s and this is my first novel. A few years ago the only route I would be able to take to see my work published would have been to either hire an agent or try to sell my work directly to a publisher. And as some people know that can take months or even years to accomplish. I think it’s a great route, but I love the idea of e-books, which is why I self-published my book as one, and I love that it can be downloaded and read instantaneously. It’s really an amazing technology. But, easy publishing means it’s easier for errors to sneak into work in the rush for publication. And unfortunately those that try to self edit, or just employ their friends and family ( yes I know someone was a teacher- but that doesn’t mean anything!) are going to end up with poor reviews and low sales.


I read a fascinating book recently called Thinking Like your Editor- How to Write Great Serious Nonfiction-and Get it Published  by Susan Rabiner & Alfred Fortunato  and I highly recommend it all writers.  Now this book is geared towards selling your book to an agent or publisher but it gives the reader insight as to why you need to have an outside editor for your work. I have a great editor and it’s important to search for one that is going to be a good fit for you. When you look for one you can check with the EAC in Canada- they have listings and directories for editors, or find one though word of mouth. I’m sure when networking you will be able to find several that will fit the bill. But the best thing is to go over your own work with a fine tooth comb, so that you hand your your editor the cleanest manuscript that you can. You can self-edit but only to a point. After a few reads you are going to be too close to your work to make effective changes. One time I had three friends look at my manuscript. Then I had an editor look at it. The editor caught one typo that ALL four of us missed. That’s having a party that is NOT related to the project is so valuable. So no matter what you way you decide to get published I urge you to consider putting aside a budget for an editor. You and your readers will thank you!


2 comments on “#Guestblog Thinking like an Editor- preparing to publish your work by #Author David Evans

  1. burtmorgret says:

    Thank you for hosting today:)

  2. What a great resource for authors!

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