#GuestBlog Authors That Have Inspired You by Sandra K. Marshall, #Author of Addiction #Romantic #Suspense

Authors That Have Inspired You

There are so many authors who have inspired for one reason or another.  I will start with Carla Cassidy, she writes intrigues for Harlequin.  She has a long career as an author and just signed a 12 book contract with Harlequin.  What inspires me about Carla is that she doesn’t let life stop her from writing.  Most people who have faced the family and health problems she has would have let those events stop them in their tracks.

Another author, Marianne Stephens, has faced enormous health issues and family problems, but nothing has stopped her from pushing on.  These authors inspire me.  Any authors who deal with life issues like these inspire me to keep going.

Julie Garwood is a local author in my area, and she inspires me with her kindness told beginning authors. A New York Times Best Author, she first landed on the best seller list with her historicals, and then with her mysteries.  After meeting Ms. Garwood, I decided to read one of her books, a historical, and I was amazed at the humor in it.  She made me laugh out loud.  I love it when an author can make me do that.

Recently, I interviewed Mary Jo Putney for a blog on one of my Yahoo groups.  She had just gotten back from a trip to Europe and gotten sick on the way home.  She still answered all my questions and sent the questionnaire to me in time for the post date.  She was incredibly sweet in spite of being sick.  Authors who still do their work without excuse inspire me.

If I meet an author and still think she/he is great then I’m inspired.  If I meet a famous author and they act like they’re better than anyone else, I’m not impressed.  I’m most inspired by a humble author who is willing to give you her/his time.

There are many more authors who have inspired me than the ones I’ve mentioned, but it would make this essay too long.  Smile!


by Sandy Marshall

About The Author

0012Sandra grew up in the mid-west in a small farming community where she belonged to 4-H. When she was thirteen, her family moved to, Lawrence, Kansas, the town where the University of Kansas thrived. After high school, she traveled to California to live with a friend and to find a job. She became very homesick and returned home.

She worked for a major airline for thirty-six years and did extensive travel during that period. It was a lovely time in her life working for a wonderful company. In 1999 she retired to write full time and worked seriously toward publication.

In 2008, she had her first book published, and then her second one in 2009. Shortly after her publisher closed their doors, and she immediately moved to a new publisher. She is still with the publisher and has had three books and a novella published with them. She has just contracted a short story with them titled Hitting Bottom, and is working on another short one.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads | Linkedin

About The Book

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Eirelander Publishing

Release Date: March 6, 2009

Buy: Amazon

Book Description:Smaller size Addiction

Two men are after the same woman but for very different reasons.

Dark-haired beauty, Jolene Dubois has a serious problem, and it’s not just battling alcoholism. Late at night, she receives whispered calls. “Jolene, I want you. I’m coming for you.” Shivers climb up her spine and ice flows in her veins. What does he want? Who is it? She must figure it out before she trusts the wrong person.

Jake Farrell, the handsome rogue is an operator with women, but is he hiding something dark and sinister under his cheery facade. The detective, Andy Martin, who investigated her father’s murder, continues to ask her out. Les Voodré, an alcoholic she met at AA follows her everywhere, and Ron Keisler, her AA sponsor is always there when she needs him. Could her caller be one of these men?

To further complicate her life, she fights a host of addictions, alcoholism, smoking, gambling and sex. Jolene is determined to beat the alcohol and to stay out of the clutches of the fiend who phones her.


I’ve set up a target for you.” He pointed. “I’m going to try you at different distances, and we’ll see if you can really shoot.”

Jolene squinted a bit and saw a human shape of white on black. “I’m not used to this type of target. Where am I supposed to aim?”

Aim at the heart for the kill.” He placed his hand at her waist, steered her closer to the object and stopped about thirty yards away. “Is this close enough for you?”

Fine.” Just get away from me, she screamed mentally and shook off his arm.

Jake stepped back.

Jolene raised her gun, clasped in both hands and sighted, then pulled the trigger. Smiling, she set her sights on the heart again and fired until she emptied the clip, released it then put another in.

Wait a minute, let me go check to see if you hit it.” He jogged toward the target.

Scowling, she resisted the urge to see if she could make him dance. With the gun to her side, she yelled, “Well, how did I do?”

As she watched him shake his head, dismay clawed at her. Could she have missed? Fool! She’d been so sure she could repeat the ten in ten bulls-eyes. Jake would think she was just a big bragger.

Come and see for yourself,” Jake yelled.

You would think he would just tell me if I missed or not. Jolene walked briskly from the covered shooting range and strode up to him. “Well, did I hit the target?” She’d never live it down if she missed.

Jake glanced at her. “Hey, where’s the confidence you had earlier today?” Taking her arm, he pulled her forward and pointed at the silhouette’s heart area. “This guy’s dead. There are ten shots right here.” He directed his gaze to where the testicles would be on a man. “I only see one miss.”

She looked down at the crotch and laughed. “Oh, I didn’t miss. I meant to hit there.”

Remind me not to piss you off.”


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5 comments on “#GuestBlog Authors That Have Inspired You by Sandra K. Marshall, #Author of Addiction #Romantic #Suspense

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  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you for hosting me today. I hope you have a lot of people visit.

  3. burtmorgret says:

    Thank you for hosting today:)

  4. Wonderful post! I am too inspired by those that push forward despite the odds! I wish you well on your tour:O)

  5. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Indie. Yes, it’s alway wonderful when someone can push their way through and not let life beat them down.

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