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Samantha GregoryAuthor Bio

Samantha Gregory lives in Northern Ireland. She has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves the supernatural/horror genre. She works as a freelance journalist and enjoys reading and playing guitar.

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About The Book

Book genre – Fantasy/horror.

Publisher – Mockingbird Lane Press, Maynard AR, USA.

Release Date – January 2013

Buy – Amazon | Barnes and Noble

SynopsisDaemon Persuasion

When Mackenzie Murphy goes looking for her father she finds herself caught in the middle of a demon war between three rival families. Still trying to master her own demon abilities, who can she trust to help her? The mysterious Lucien? Or Taryn, the son of the enemy? With all three families hunting for a talisman that could shift the balance of power, Mackenzie must get to it first and finish what her father started, or die trying.


Mackenzie Murphy curled up under her Mickey Mouse bedclothes, that were far too babyish for her, and prayed that the screaming would stop. She pressed her hands over her ears, trying to block out the noise.

Her step dad Ray had come home drunk again and now he was throwing furniture around, while her mother screamed at him.

Please make it stop, please,” Mackenzie whispered repeatedly, clutching at her neck for the gold heart necklace, that her mother had given her for her birthday. It was her mother’s necklace really. Her dad had given it to her mum before he left her. The day before her birthday, her mother had been given two black eyes for being late with Ray‘s dinner. She couldn’t go outside, incase that nosy old bat Mrs. Preston saw and called the police again, so she had given her the necklace as her present.

Mackenzie knew that before morning, her mother would be in hospital with a broken nose or jaw and if he hadn’t passed out, Ray would start beating on her, just because he could. She had been given two cracked ribs and a broken wrist in the last few months, but her mother was too afraid to press charges. Her right arm was still in a brace.

Mackenzie hated having to wear long sleeves, even in the summer, to hide the bruises.

“…I took you and that rotten kid of yours in off the street,” Ray yelled.

Go away, why can’t you just leave and never come back” Mackenzie chanted, “Just go away.”

A strange hissing noise filled the room, like gas escaping from a pipe. Mackenzie slowly slid the blankets back and looked out. Her room was in darkness. The only light came from a sliver of moonlight through the gap in the curtains. She could make out the shadowy shapes of her dresser and her wardrobe.

Hello?” she said.

She knew that no one could be in her room that she was alone but she could feel a presence and it wasn’t friendly.

Is somebody there?” she asked, her voice was a squeak.

Loud whispering filled the room growing louder and more insistent. The words did not sound like English to her. Maybe they weren’t even words.

Stop it,” she moaned, beginning to cry. The whispering ceased.

One of the shadows in the room, separated from the rest and began to creep towards her. She whimpered and backed up against the wall as far as she could go, her feet slipping on the blankets. It was going to get her.

Please don’t let it touch me, she thought. She wanted to call out to her mother but that would only draw attention from Ray, and he would make them both pay for it. Ray’s rule numero uno, as he was fond of saying, children were not seen or heard.

What do you want?” she cried.

What is it that you want?” the shadow whispered back, definitely in English this time.

Her mother let out a shriek downstairs, followed by the sound of breaking glass.

“I want it to stop,” she said.


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3 comments on “#PromotionalBookTour Daemon Persuasion by #Author S.K. Gregory #Fantasy #Horror

  1. burtmorgret says:

    Thank you for hosting today:)

  2. Dee says:

    Thanks for the excerpt. I loved it, leaves you wanting to know more. Thanks for sharing.

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