#Review: Blue State by Laurel Osterkamp #Relationship #

I have read many short stories, novellas but the emotions and feelings described in Blue State by Laurel Osterkamp. This was the first time I was read  Ms. Osterkamp and I am quite delighted. Her story line, her expression and her witty way of reigning in the emotions was exceptional and I loved reading the Blue Slate, in which she had beautifully woven a tale of different burdens and problems related with our daily life. I believe, there are so many of us going through such dilemmas and have no way to figure out but Ms. Osterkamp has beautifully laid out a story with us. It have emotions, feelings, memories, pain and what not, and me being a fan of serious and emotional literature, loved every part of it.

I recommend this story to all those out there looking for a book to read on a short journey and who love serious and captivating stories. In future, I wish to read from Ms. Laurel again.

Good Luck in your endeavors.

Book Description:

Love. Family. Growing Older. They’re all part of the state we live in.

Lucy has left her home in Seattle and possibly her marriage too, because her father’s stroke has turned things upside down. When she’s not at her dad’s bedside, she’s at her mother-in-law’s house, caring for her children while avoiding her husband’s calls. Re-examining her professional goals and staving off heartbreak is only part of it; Lucy has to decide where it is that she belongs. But when Monty returns early from his month-long trip to Botswana, she’ll also have to decide which is more important – the life she has made for herself, or the life she left behind.

Blue State is a short(ish) story written for fans of November Surprises blog (www.NovemberSurprises.blogspot.com), November Surprise the novel, and the novella Campaign Promises. As a special bonus the first two chapters of The Hold Out are previewed in the back, which continues the saga of the Bricker family, this time with Jack and Monty’s younger cousin, Robin.

About the author:

Lots of things influence my writing. My misadventures in my twenties were the starting point for Following My Toes, although I spiced things up A LOT in order to make it an interesting story. Getting married, having kids, teaching high school, and figuring out the sort of adult I wanted to be influenced Starring in the Movie of My Life. Whatever I write, I try not to shy away from characters making tough choices. I believe in finding truth in fiction!


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