#BookTour Forever Beth Series, A #Romance and #Mystery Novel by Elizabeth Cook-Howard


Virtual Book Tour: 10/7/13 – 10/14/13
Series: Forever Beth
Genres: Romance, Semi New Adult, Mystery





Empowering women was not the motive behind the Forever Beth Series but oddly enough the main character although fictional seems to hit home for many.  A Story line that controversially begins with a brutal sexual attack at the hand of the main character’s then husband (Forever Beth Lost and Found) shines a light on a subject that is usually acknowledged when ….  too late – when one of two ceases to live, life taken away tragically.

Our Love is the second installment in the Forever Beth Series. A romance novel with a hint of humor, a bit of suspense, a touch of love making and a whole lot of mystery. Our love continues following the relationship between a NYPD Detective with a secretive background and a Domestic Violence Case Worker whose past interferes with her present and future. For their relationship to work as a couple both must adhere to the words “let not man put asunder”. If not, their futures even apart will be in jeopardy.

Forever Beth Our Love is undoubtedly my best work so far. A year this September of penning my work for publication I see my own growth with taking chances  – writing  / describing scenes – acts many will find offensive, distasteful and or down right unpleasant. Product of a Pentecostal, Holiness, Baptist and Methodist background I too probably would wince at the idea of even mentioning the subject of sex. However I hope the words I used – the diligence and effort set forth will prove an outcome of more than acceptable but rather prudent and tastefully done. Forever Beth Our Love, a little something for everyone.

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Forever Beth Our Love

 What was supposedly to be a five minute excursion out the office turned in to about a forty-five minute break? Deep in conversation neither of us notice the time. Rushing a bit now Paige and I head back. Entering the lobby of the building the other half of the double duo is in the lobby along with the lunch crowd. Walking over to building security I inquire what is going on.

Hey Harold, what’s going on?

Hi Beth…… You’re back kissing me on the cheek.

If you were working you would know these things.

Smiling I know but I needed the vacation.

So what is all this?

Oddly all four elevators are out.

All four?

Yes… Maintenance is looking into it now.

Hmmm looking over to Batman and Robin, one is on the phone with a bleak look.

Beth how in shape are you?

Excuse me? I have you know I am very much so in shape…. Why?

Up to a challenge? Walking up to the 17th floor?

Paige you say that as if I couldn’t do it!

Well….. You’re an old married lady now!

Come on, let me show you who is the fittest between the two of us… Turing to get Abbott and Costello’s attention, both are off to the side deep in conversation with someone on the phone.

Harold when those two men are less occupied, please let them know I will meet them upstairs.

Sure Beth…. And good luck laughing

Very funny Mr. Brown, we will see who will be the last woman standing, let’s go Mrs. 105 pounds.

Entering the stairwell I begin my incline, doing very well I must say but now reaching the 10th floor I’m losing steam.

Losing steam Beth?

Paige if I weighed no more than a hundred pounds wet I too would be bouncing around…

Ha Ha….. Hundred and five to be exact and we both laugh.

Stopping at the tenth floor, Paige and I rest sitting on the stairs. Suddenly a look of concern appears on each of our faces… We both first smell smoke, then see heavy clouds of smoke emerging. We both jump up and head to the door. It won’t open.

What the fuck…. Paige let’s try the next floor.

Running not walking, up two more flights, door locked. This can’t be happening. Without confirming with the other, we run to the twelfth floor. Repeat of the same, door locked.

Beth crying we can’t get out, we are trapped!

Calm down Paige we aren’t trapped. Come on we will try each door until we reach the roof.

Moving as quickly as we can, Paige and I make it to the roof and that door too is locked. The smoke becoming more intense we feel the heat of the fire.

Beth what should we do?

Stay calm…

Beth what are we going to do?

I begin banging on the door, screaming out we are hear. Considering to go back down, the smoke intensifies and the heat getting stronger. I return to banging on the door. I look over to Paige and she looks like she is having difficulty breathing.

Paige get on your knees


Screaming louder Paige get on your knees now! Paige listen to me.


Not getting a response I go over to Paige and push her down to the ground, onto her knees. I go back to knocking on the door and just then it opens. Kevin, Erickson, Donaldson, Thomas and the Fire Department all in sight. I motion to one of the Fire Fighters to check Paige. I look up to Kevin and see a look I’ve never seen from him before. With no words spoken I am swooped up and carried outside. The EMS technician puts a mask over my face and begins pumping oxygen in. Still no words spoken Kevin sits me down and walks away from me. He begins talking to the Fire Chief. Erickson comes over to where I am.

How upset is he?

Beth he’s pissed. Give him a few minutes to cool off.

Donaldson and Thomas? It wasn’t their fault….

Beth they had instructions…..

I know. They were doing their job, I decided to take the stairs.


Looking over to Kevin, no eye contact made. He doesn’t even allow himself to look in my direction.

How is Paige?

Shaken up but ok

What the fuck did I do? Kevin and the fire chief walks over to Erickson me.

Mrs. Walker are you okay?

Yes I am. What happened?

A fire was set in the stairwell, between the 5th and 6th floor.


Yes clearly arson and all doors leading from the stairwell were locked!

I look at Kevin and his stare, looking through me rather than at me.

The fire is out and you may go back down to your office.

Looking over to Paige, she is loaded onto a stretcher. I walk over to her with tears streaming

Paige I am so sorry.

Smiling with tears falling Beth I’m okay.

Paige I will meet you at the hospital looking at the EMS Technician What hospital are you taking her to?

Beth Israel

Paige I will meet you and I will call your parents.

No just Gregory, the number is in my phone book.

Okay… Paige is taken down the stairs.

Walking back to Kevin, purposely he walks away? Feeling so alone and totally responsible I go back into the building. Hearing steps behind me I turn and Kevin is in tow. Finally on the 17th floor, I go into the office where everyone is standing around.

Beth what happened?

Pam not sure. The elevator was out so Paige and I decided to walk up the stairs. A fire began in the stairwell. Paige is being taken to Beth Israel and I’m going to meet her now. All of you go home now. The elevators are still out and due to the damage in the stairwell it would be best to take the service elevator. Pam can you gather everyone. A fireman is in the hall waiting, he will escort everyone to the service elevator then out the building.

Beth are you okay?

Forcing a smile I am. You better get going.

Grabbing Paige’s purse, I take out her phone book and go into my office to call Gregory.

Hello Gregory


This is Beth Walker, I work with Paige.

Hi…. Everything okay?

We had a fire in the building. Paige is okay but she is being evaluated at Beth Israel.

I’m on my way… The line goes dead.

Throwing my hands to my face I hold back from falling apart. Sensing I’m not alone I remove my hands from my eyes and standing in front of me, Kevin with the same bleak look.

Everyone has left. Grab your things and we will head to the hospital.

The drive to Beth Israel – Silence. He doesn’t look in my direction nor does he say a single word. Arriving I go into the emergency room and find Paige sitting up.

Hi, how are you feeling?

Beth I’m okay…..

I’m so very very sorry.

Beth it was my idea to take the stairs…

Paige…… Just then Gregory arrives.

Beth Gregory, Greg Beth..


Paige what happened?

I’ll explain later

Kissing Paige I’m going to give you two some privacy. Paige I will call and check in with you later.

Beth I’m okay. I Will see you tomorrow..

No, even if the doctor clears you medically, take the day. Gregory nice meeting you…..

The drive back to the Hamptons, tension so thick only an axe could cut it. Not once did Kevin look in my direction, not one word spoken. No music only “1010 wins” playing on the radio. “All news all the time”. I’ve never seen this side of him before. Did I go too far this time? A question I ask myself over and over again in my head.

After a complete hour and half of silence we pull up to the front of the house. Charles waiting out on the steps. About to get out of the car Kevin motions for me to wait and I do as told. Kevin gets out and walks to the passenger side and opens the door to let me out.

Charles please meet me in grandfather’s study….

I give Charles a half smile and enter the house. I go directly up to our room. Taking seat on the lounger I begin to unravel. Up to this point only tears that managed to escape presented itself but now I let go. The epiphany – my “aha” moment hits. I finally come to terms with the last six months of my life. Someone is after me! And what happened today put someone else in danger. I cry even harder at the thought. Trying to silence my weeping cry I throw my hands to my face. Kevin has been right all along. What am I going to do? Crying harder I suddenly feel sick. Jumping up and running to the bathroom I begin vomiting over and over again. With one last hurl I lay my head on the toilet seat. All the energy I had is gone.

Baby are you okay?

Back to crying Kevin I am so very sorry. You were right….. And I put Paige in danger.

Kevin takes a seat next to me on the floor and wipes my face with a wet hand cloth. Beth I can’t take this. I fucking almost lost you once before. Today, taking the risk that you did, Beth you can’t do shit like this!

Kevin I’m sorry. I promise to follow every rule from this point on.

Follow the rules? You do mean follow the rules from here because no fucking way are you going back to work.


Kevin me all you want. NO!

Kevin I have to go… I can’t leave them like this.

Dismissing my statement Beth Mrs. Clarke has dinner waiting, let’s go down.

Kevin I just need a few minutes to myself..



Hearing the bedroom door close I pick myself up and sit on the edge of the bed. That nausea feeling resurfacing I lay across the bed waiting for it to pass.

Opening my eyes, the room is dark with a flick of a light to my right. I turn and find Kevin reading.

Feel better?

I do… What time is it?

Eleven thirty

Getting up I grab my nightgown and head to the bathroom to shower. Approximately twenty minutes later I return to the bedroom. Kevin no longer in bed? I turn the television on and begin going through the channels. Kevin returns with soup, crackers and tea.

You need to put something in your stomach.

Kevin not yet.

Then at least sip on the tea.

Thank you. Kevin please don’t be upset with me.

Beth I’m not. I’m just…… Beth once again I find myself thanking God, thanking him for allowing you to see another day, not taking you from me. But Beth, this is getting tiresome.

Kevin I’m fine


Kevin I have to go into work tomorrow. I cannot give Care House no notice. The people I work for and work with have been very accommodating. I can’t do this to them.

Beth I understand…. Charles and I worked out security for tomorrow. But Beth you must give notice.

Kevin I know. The idea of putting someone, putting Paige in danger, I would never forgive myself.

Taking me into his arms, Beth…….

Kevin I know…

Kissing me, Baby I have a short list of people in my life to protect, to lay my life down for and you’re at the top of the list. It is killing me that I can’t keep you safe.

Kevin….. I now know what my lack of thinking and poor decisions do. I finally get it now and until this person is caught, I will do what is expected of me. I love you Mr. Walker and I am truly sorry.

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Author’s Bio:IMG_0438

Elizabeth Cook – Howard is a fulltime professional in the social services field, wife and mother to four beautiful children. Born and raised in Queens New York she moved to the Lower Hudson Valley Region of New York to raise her family. Creating and writing mystery and love stories since her teens it wasn’t until her early forties she decided to pen and self-publish her work, hence the Forever Beth Series first Lost and Found and now Our Love.


Author’s Links:

Face Book: http://on.fb.me/12DEiGn

Website: http://bit.ly/19afBnU (ElizabethCookHoward.com)

Twitter https://twitter.com/ECH_Beth

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/ECHoward

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