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Another captivating and mesmerizing novel from the author of Winter’s Touch (The Immortal Touch Series). Allie Gail hasn’t failed to keep her readers captured till the end of her story. Following Evangeline Spencer and Julian Winters from Winters Touch, the story opens up to Tristan Kendall’s visit to Oregon to meet Eva and set up a meeting with Asher Reid, a narcissistic and controlling vampire who thrives on attention of the women around him. But that is not all about Asher, as the story develops forward, he pursues Samara Porter to break down her ego and self-respect as she becomes his prime target, unaware of what he would find behind her strong exterior. Beneath the hardened, uptight exterior who is Samara, she is sensitive, head-strong and loyal girl, who relocates to Florida in hopes of getting rid of her ex-boyfriend who she found with another woman. As she is employed in the same hotel where Asher lives, it’s long before Samara falls beneath his urbane charm and gives in to her urges.

Ms Gail doesn’t disappoint us once again with an action packed thriller with a strong story line and characters. Her characters seem to come to life right before our eyes and the way she brings everyone together is a talent in itself. Throwing cautions to the winds, her clues in the story are placed at the right time and the right place, keeping the reader guessing for what is to come.

I would give this story a five star, although I am not a fan of sequels but this story reminded me something between E.L.James, Fifty Shades of Grey and L.J.Smith, The Vampire Diaries. If there is something like love at first sight, that is what I feel for Ms Gail’s characters. It’s a must read for all the fans of Vampires out there as I was even fascinated till the end.

Good job, Ms Gail. I wish you luck for the future.

About the Author:Allie

A resident of sunny Florida, Allie Gail is the author of Unconventional Scars,
Winter’s Touch: Immortal Touch Book One and Fire and Ash: Immortal Touch Book
Two. Allie’s had an obsession with reading ever since the day she was issued her first
Sally, Dick and Jane reader. (Never mind how long ago that was!) When she isn’t busy
obsessing over the lexicon of her novels, she can usually be found with her nose in a
book, a cat on her lap and music impairing her hearing from headphones turned up way
too high. Or sometimes roaming about Azeroth as a night elf rogue. Yep, that’s right.
And yes, on occasion…at the beach.

Book Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Fire-Immortal-Touch-Series-ebook/dp/B00F4M9IOS

Follow the Author:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/alliegailauthor

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alliegailauthor


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