#Review of Winter’s Touch, A Vampire #Novel by Allie Gail

Book Description:Allison Goodson_IT bk1_Winter's Touch2

“I am a demon who once walked as a man.”
Second-year college student Evangeline Spencer has learned over the years how to cope with the disturbing dreams that have plagued her since childhood. But now, fifteen years after his startling revelation, the nightmare from next door has returned to claim her. Swept away to a remote location in Oregon, Eva has become the possession of someone incapable of compassion or remorse. Julian Winter is a vampire with the face of an angel, a ruthless killer whose sole intent is to staunch his craving for her blood. And to survive, she’ll have to search the remotest depths of his soul for any remnants of humanity. Can she make his resurrected heart feel again? Or will the crux of her life be slowly consumed? Winter’s Touch is part one of the Immortal Touch series. Look for part two, Fire and Ash, to be released in mid-September.


A well-constructed plot with the right kinds of twists and turns, Winter’s Touch had me gripped and captivated from the first page. As the story unfolded from the childhood of Evangeline Spencer who has a rather peculiar neighbour, the little girl wins our hearts with her inquisitive nature and innocence. The author’s insight and imagination has been well described and the story flows beautifully from her childhood to her being an adult.

Julian Winters is a vampire, who has shut off all his so-called human feelings, emotions and sentiments. As a self-sufficient person, he has taken up residence in Nebraska right beside the house where Eva lives and comes in contact with him. Soon, he finds out that a mere accident with her kissing his blood had created a connection between then, he makes her witness the cruel of act of hunting on his part. Over the years, Evangeline experiences nightmare that are not really nightmares but the reality that is associated with Julian. As a young woman of twenty, she is abducted by the same person whom she had believed to be her friend and now her captor. As the series of events pass by, Evangeline tries hard to break through the feelings that are long gone for Julian.

“This tale of love, loss, feelings, emotions and above all, friendship is one of the best in it’s genre.”

The author has done a pretty good job of portraying the scenario and narrating the story as she best wanted it. Although, the chemistry between Julian and Eva could have been more than what she represented, this is a book worth reading.

I, myself, enjoyed reading and am of the opinion that this could go further. Good Luck for the author for I believe her to have mettle enough to improve the story.

Author’s Bio:Allie

A resident of sunny Florida, Allie Gail is the author of Unconventional Scars,
Winter’s Touch: Immortal Touch Book One and Fire and Ash: Immortal Touch Book
Two. Allie’s had an obsession with reading ever since the day she was issued her first
Sally, Dick and Jane reader. (Never mind how long ago that was!) When she isn’t busy
obsessing over the lexicon of her novels, she can usually be found with her nose in a
book, a cat on her lap and music impairing her hearing from headphones turned up way
too high. Or sometimes roaming about Azeroth as a night elf rogue. Yep, that’s right.
And yes, on occasion…at the beach.


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