#Review of Forever Love by the #Author Melissa Keir #RomanceReviews

A captivating love story by the author who, herself, taught me the meaning of love. Forever love is a story of love, loss, sacrifices, relationships and above all, bonds within a family. Syndie, a high school student, who had relocated to Chicago as soon as she graduated to get over her childhood friend and ex-boyfriend, T.J. returns to her town once again due to her father’s ill health. Unbeknown to her that she would be facing the object of her teenage affection as soon as she sets foot in town. As she encounters T.J. at the beach, her older feelings and memories come back to her whereas T.J. realises that he still loves her. Torn between her father’s ill health and T.J’s love, it is quite difficult for Syndie to make a decision.

As the events unfold in the story, the author greatly utilized her gift for portraying her emotions and dilemma into the lead character as if we were living the story ourselves. The attractions and the chemistry between Syndie and T.J. have been beautifully portrayed. Once again, Ms. Keir has woven a creative tale of love, family and relationships. Forever Love is must read for all those fans of romance books looking for a good story.


2 comments on “#Review of Forever Love by the #Author Melissa Keir #RomanceReviews

  1. Melissa Keir says:

    Thank you for the beautiful review. Forever Love is the first of the Wilder Sistets books and one of my favorites.

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