Fantasies Unbound by Raine Delight- A #Review

From the Disney Fairy tales to reality, this story has it all. Skye Andrews is a young woman who is once again hopeful to find true love with the help of her grandmother’s love potion. After her last failed date on the Valentine’s Day, she is quite despondent as to finding her true soul mate. Unbeknown, he is on his way to find her himself. As soon as she drinks the potions, an incredibly beautiful man with green eyes is conjured up in front of her but she shakes him off with a flick of her head.

Aryan is a Prince of the Fae Kingdom. He has searched far and wide for his true soul mate but he hasn’t been lucky enough to find one. Given an ultimatum by his mother to find the love of his life or endure marriage, he sets out to find his soul mate and arrives in Dayton, Skye’s town. As they both are attracted towards each other through magic, it is a tale worth reading. From the magical love potions to wild, uninhibited sex, Ms Delight has beautifully described the tale to satisfy the reader’s curiosity. Although, a more detail oriented novel with much longer scenes and love connection would have done the trick.

The story is quite engaging as it is and the writer she is quite talented. She has a beautifully woven tale of two worlds closely although some details were missing. I would recommend her to elaborate the book into a beautiful novel worth reading.

Good Luck, Ms Delight.


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