Guest Post by Evan Bollinger

Today, on REVAMPINGLIFE, we honored Evan Bollinger to share his experiences about self-publishing with our audience. Good Luck, Evan!

In today’s day and age, self-publishing is all the riot. With the infinite proliferation of social networks, blogospheres, backlinks, author pages and communities, there’s enough opportunity for exposure to keep even the biggest internet ignoramus deep in the mix.

The bottom line is this: you’ve gotta get in the muck and get your hands dirty. Ask questions, challenge readers and writers, forge connections, and at all costs–don’t simply post “buy my book” and expect sales to jump off the charts. We hear talk about having an ‘online presence’… But what does that really mean?
Does that mean barraging website with your shameless self-promotion? Does it mean posting here, there, and a sprinkle everywhere? What constitutes a presence?
Personally, I find that it’s best to keep things varied. Make sure you are involved in a host of different groups and networks. Welcome others to post on your Facebook author page. Be willing to host authors on your blog, offer free promos through Amazon and Goodreads events. Join Yahoo groups and hit the Twitterverse. Most importantly, be active, friendly, and open to suggestions. Suggest that people check out your work. Seek bloggers who read your genre, bloggers with established readerships who are willing to at least check out your work on free promo days. It’s about finding balance. You don’t want to spread yourself thin, but you also don’t want to focus too heavily on a single outlet.
After all, let’s face it. You can have the coolest cover, the most relatable characters, and the most compelling storyline, but if you’re not out there making it known–then who cares? Now, I don’t want to suggest I’m some kind expert on the topic of self-publishing and promotion. In fact, I’m just beginning to learn myself. But that’s the beauty of it. We can continuously improve. We can continually find ways to establish ourselves. Just remember: anybody can write. But only few people have the determination to be a writer.
You probably won’t do it overnight. You’ll probably get dispirited, and despondent–you might even ask yourself at times, “What’s the point?”
If your answer is anything other than, “Because this is what I love to do,” then maybe you should reconsider. Otherwise, get out there!
Oh, and keep writing. Those keys won’t move themselves 😉


Evan is…
A seasoned writer and practitioner of telepathy. A student of human psychology. A supporter of all causes humanitarian. A person-watcher. Extremely motivated… ImageProxy.mvc_In extremely narrow areas of interest.
And speaking of interest…
He likes a mild Autumn day.
Evan is currently the author of six books:
“The Followers,” a gothic novella, a science fiction short, “Black Willow,” the dramatic comedy, “Parking Lot Kings,” “Shit Ain’t Perfect,” an irreverent satire, “Marin’s Dale” a sci-fi/horror novel, and “Words Kill Me,” a psychological inquiry.
Evan is a graduate of Dickinson College with degrees in English and Psychology.

Follow Evan on:

Twitter: @Eballzz

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